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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 10, 2013 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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ungoverned territories. >> reporter: martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> first lady michelle obama hosted the second annual state lunch for the 8 to 12 set at the white house. the guest list, 54 children who entered and within a them thee recipe contest. some included zucchini pancakes, mini-veggie pizzas, passion fruit banana smoothies. unlook during formal state dinners, the guests were encouraged to eat with their fingers. >> president obama making an appearance. that is fun. boosting your child's brain power may be as easy as enforcing a strict bedtime. researchers studied the sleep habits of 10,000 children and discovered kids with inconsistent bed times had impaired cognitive development. especially apparent in 3-year-olds. researchers pointed out kids with consistent bed times tend to be in better physical health. huh. >> can't argue with that. right. >> absolutely. get to bed. >> huge areas hit by stormy weather.
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east coast stretching as far west as oklahoma. far west, to montana. hot, humid conditions thunderstorms and flooding. >> the only cool spots will be the northwest and along the northern california coast. otherwise mostly high 80s and 90s and triple digits in the southwest. >> well, yesterday we told you about great britain's baby feeder, and a reporter gave us an overview of the obsession with the soon to be born royal baby. >> however, some times in tv news the images you capture aren't what we expect. our friend jimmy kimmel happy to pin the that out. >> over in london, the country is buzzing about the impending birth of prince william and kate middleton's baby. due date saturday. scheduled to give birth at st. mary's hospital. our friends at abc world news are on the scene. >> this is the wing where kate is due to give birth any minute now the i want to show you how much interest there is in the royal baby. look at the media, poised for the historic moment.
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>> must be one, two, three guys out there. [ applause ] >> hope no one gets trampled. >> oh. >> lama hasan is awesome. smart, beautiful. a home run. but we watched that yesterday. and you called it. when weep were in the middle of it. you said there really weren't a lot of pechl in tople in that a. >> this massive area will be filled. >> we are february to tell her, what she should be saying. a seasoned correspondent. >> here's what i think what happened. a scuffle the entire time she has been there. just tons of people. there is just so much interest. and so she went out. with an idea. and -- did this stand up. and there was nobody there. but you are running out of time. you got to get aster together. it's got to work. make it work >> we have had moments like that. bless your heart, lama. jimmy kimmel. thank you for watching the show. make fun of us more. we don't find. >> the songs of summer. the list, our favorites and
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yours too perhaps. >> a man who steals asphalt and repairs potholes. calls himself a real life robin hood. and hear all about his fashipas. >> the three young women, looking ahead, and what the survivors can learn from these victims as they rebuild their lives. you're watching "world news now." ♪ i'm a survivor ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular.
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♪ ♪ ♪ i'm a survivor >> no doubt the three women who survived being held hostage inside the home in cleveland are the ultimate survivors as we have seen from the video that was released yesterday. the three show an amazing resilience. >> it raises the question even for the strongest of us, how does some one who want through such a nightmare, day after day, come back from that. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: extraordinary to see their beaming faces and to think about everything these women endured inside the house at 2207 seymour avenue.
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>> human beings are remarkable d creatures. >> reporter: the women are using coping strategies, using gratitude as we hear from amanda berry. >> i want to thank everyone who helped me and my family. >> reporter: leaning on their faith as we hear from michelle knight. >> we need to rely on god. >> reporter: and relying on their family as we see with gina dejesus, flanked by her mom and dad. it seems like there is a commonalty among three things, faith, family, gralte ed tgrati. all three bring you out of yourself and difficult story. >> being focused outwardly and a positive aspect of your story. >> reporter: coping mechanisms employed by survivors like elizabeth smart and jaycee dugard seen with her mom. >> in the battle between good and evil. >> good wins. >> reporter: the doctor points out the three young women are
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just at the be geng of what will be a long recovery, there are lessons they can teach us about resilience in a world where trauma in one form or another comes for everyone. >> resilience is processing a traumatic event, not defending against it and denying it, but being aware of it, having processed it, and then finding a way to essentially move on from im. >> reporter: an ability these survivors from cleveland thus far seemed to be illustrating in astonishing abundance. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> they look good. sound good. you hope that they just can keep staying that way. >> yeah. it is amazing how resilient you are. just only word you can thing of. to bring you back if you don't remember two. month as go, amanda berry, essentially started yelling from the inside of the house they were held captive in for a decade. a neighbor saw her, came got her and her daughter out. then the police came and rescued the other two women in the house. >> the judge ruled castro, ariel
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castro is competent to stand trial. jury selection could get going as early as next month. >> incredible. >> isn't that incredible. >> it is incredible not only because of how speedy it is. three months after this started. there are 300 charges he is facing including the whole gaument, kidnapping, rape, the whole thing. if he is guilty he deserves. >> yeah. all right, up next. music of the season. >> a new list breaks down the summer's best songs including our favorites. you are watching "world news now." yw97í7
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♪ it's summertime >> all right. classic summertime jam there from d.j. jazzy jeff and the fresh prince before he was will smith. >> there is something special about summer music no doubt
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about it. most of us have a summer memory that involves a special song. rolling stone compiled a list of the top 50 summer songs. here are the top five for you. >> number five, rock away beach by the ramones. number four, california girls by the beach boys. and number three is schools out for summer by alice cooper. >> number two, summertime blues eddie cochran. some may know by its remake by the who. and number one, they are, dancing in the street by martha and the vandellas. >> summer songs get you back to booing a kid. magical time. >> my favorite of all time. just happens to be a summer song. cocomo by the beach boys. the best song ever. i have a colada on the beach. i was 7 the first time i heard
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it. surrounded by my best friends. it was the summertime. one of the moms knew the lyrics ic i learned the lyrics that summer. bust seller ever. how about you? >> i picked the boys are back in town. like me and my long island. hoodlum buddies. hanging in the wood. rock 'n' roll style. >> pretty good song. >> yeah. >> so your days on long island were filled with days in the woods? on long island? >> you know, the pond, suburban guys, being teenagers and doing what they do. >> this is a pretty old song. because our producer. >> 1976. >> producer was having a hard time finding a video for this. didn't know the video existed. >> 76, the bicentennial, tall ships in the harbor. awesome.
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>> nice. that brings us to the facebook question of the day. >> we want to know what is your favorite song for the summer. log on to weigh in. >> can't wait to hear what you got to say. >> people give us the greatest responses the still to come, modern day hood, steals from the city to give drivers the smoother ride. >> how he is reclaiming the streets. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ if i could read your mind love what a tale your thoughts could tell ♪ ♪ just like a paperback novel the kind the drugstores sell ♪ >> all right. might not be a beach read, the tale of robin hood, a story everyone knows. in mississippi real life robin hood on the loose. >> instead of stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor. this robin hood is taking city's
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asphalt paving the way for a smoother commute. >> reporter: armed with a shovel and spray paint, a belb haven resident who goes by cheney started a pothole crusade. >> it isn't hard. it won't last forever. if i have one less pothole, it would be awesome. >> reporter: friday we were driving through city and noticed potholes and had a message on the street. citizen fixed. and we got out of the car started walking finding dozens more. >> here is another one. >> that makes six. >> reporter: yeah, one more down here. neighbors we talked to were excited about their streets finally getting some attention. >> taking pictures of it. glad somebody is fixing them. >> well have had folks fixing our potholes. and quite honestly got to give it to the people. >> reporter: after knocking on ape few more doors, neighbors directed us to channy, the camera shy man behind the shovel, spray paint and stolen
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asphalt. >> we thought what the heck like robin hood for potholes. steal asphalt from the city and put it in the holes. when you get finished you get spray paint. put a big circle with a sheeny arrow there to help the city see the potholes. >> reporter: cheney started vigilante pothole patrol, and with the help of his girlfriend, has filled 55 holes in bell haven. >> decided let's keep going. 100 potholes. the revolution idea is to get other people to do it behind us. >> reporter: that includes the city. jackson crews have started to go behind cheney, completely patching six of the holes that self proclaimed robin hood got to first. >> huh. >> there you go. >> showing up the city which is going to make the city actually probably go we better start doing something. just on "world news now." that looks better than the boy george one. >> interesting hair-do. >> a little. >> robin hood days. >> yes.
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>> in mileage and gas spent $40. he plans to bill the city. interesting to see if the city will pay him. >> weaned ind up. hopefully they don't write a ticket. to be continued. we'll see. >> i think you are right. >> announcer: more
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this morning on "world news now" -- anger in court. the judge in the george zimmerman trial walk out late last night after 13 hours of testimony. why today is a key day in the case. >> intense impact -- alarming details what happened on board the jumbo jet that slammed into the runway in san francisco while witnesses share incredible stories. >> i stayed with them. hung out with them. comforted them. just yelling, yelling, for ambulances, fire trucks anyone to come help. >> what the fed now say about
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the airline crew and where the investigation will go next. >> it's personal. young country music singer puts his heart and money into a song and video with a very strong message. >> i was so obsessed with telling the story and it is resonated with thousand of people. we'll introduce you to steve grand and see why he is get sowing much ating so much attention it's wednesday, july 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good wednesday morning. it is wednesday. hump day. the weekend is in sight. >> yes right on the horizon. >> i see it. do you see it. >> i smilell it. >> you have vacation coming up. lucky guy. let's get started with drat mattic end today -- dramatic end day 20 in the george zimmerman trial. after 13 hours in the courtroom. while defense attorneys were still talking the judge simply
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walked out. >> nerves frayed as this highly charged case comes to a close with final defense witnesses. ax's matt gutman was there. >> reporter: jurors spent hours listening to a renowned pathologist, vincent demayo, dissecting images of zimmerman's bloodied face. the defense parading the blownup picture for the six jurors to see. >> i think you have six identifiable injuries. >> reporter: still after 11 days of testimony the defense working to bolster zimmerman's claim of self defense outlined in the police re-enactment. >> i shot him. i didn't think i hit him. he sat up and said, oh, you got me. you got it. you got me. something like that. >> reporter: and working to build his credibility. earlier, in the trial, a medical examiner testified that martin couldn't have spoken after being shot. zimmerman said he did. demayo says it is possible. >> if i right now, reached across, put my hand through your
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chest, grabbed your heart, and ripped it out, you could stand there and talk to me for 10 to 15 second. >> reporter: the last witness, african-american neighbor, testified she heard zimmerman's voice in this 911 call. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> based on the fact that i only heard george's voice and a male voice. i would say it is his. >> we have been watching the six female jurors take furious notes for weeks now. that is tapering off. they started to decline breaks. analysts say that is likely they're ready to get through with this quickly which also means they probably made up their mind. matt gutman, abc new, sanford, florida. >> for the first time the boston bombing suspect will come face to face with survivors of the blast, and family members of those killed. dzhokhar tsarnaev due to make his first public court appearance today to hear the charges against him. the mother of who men severely injured says she wants to stare
3:01 am
down what she calls the face of evil. attorney general airing holder will decide whether to seek death penalty. >> developments in the high profile case involving former patriot, newly released document showing aaron hernandez admitted to killing former football player odin lloyd. a third suspect arrested in lloyd's murder told him the football star admitted to the shooting. hernandez pled not guilty to murder. >> we are learning details about the asiana jumbo jet crash in san francisco. >> what was happening inside the plane after the powerful impact. abc's tahman bradley joining us from san francisco with the very latest. good morning, tahman. >> good morning, john. good morning, diana. the wreckage of the crash landing is still on one of the runways here at san francisco international. as the the ntsb continues its investigation. and we are learning startling new information from inside that cockpit and inside the cabin. investigators have released new details of harrowing survival. >> two of the flight attendants in the rear of the aircraft were
3:02 am
ejected from the air craft on, during the impact sequence. miraculously they survived. despite being thrown on to the runway when the asiana flight slammed into the seawall and lost its tail. after the plane came to a stop, then this. >> the first officer in the jump seat he did describe a chute deployed inside and trapped one of the flight attendants. >> reporter: that did not stop more than 300 people from escaping a wreck. the plane soon engulfed in smoke and fire. passengers turned into heroes. >> found the four people. we stayed with them. hung out with them. comforted them. just yelled, yelling for ambulances fire trucks anyone to come help. >> reporter: we are learning the pilot in training in control of the triple seven jet as ate proechd the run way was learning from another first timer. >> heap reported this was his first trip as an instructor pilot. >> reporter: more survivors being released from the
3:03 am
hospital. fay wearing a neck brace. catastrophic movement side to side, as passengers got thrown around their seat. the ceo of asiana airlines arrived in san francisco yesterday to a rough media reception, overwhelmed by reporters and cameras he retreated back into the terminal. the ntsb revealed the pilots have not been tested for drugs or alcohol. the u.s. does not have oversight of the pilots. diana, john. >> tahman, we hear what is going on inside the black box. the ntsb wants few know what happens there. sound like they're very interested in what happened in the interior of the plane, why is senate. >> that's right, diana. they're looking at every single one of the more than 300 seats inside the cabin. they want to know how the seats held up. if there were certain parts of the plane that were safer during the crash landing than others. we know the first cabin suffered a lot of fire damage. >> tahman, we know the pilots'
3:04 am
union is actually upset with the ntsb, can-up elaborate on that one? >> yeah, they are furious that the ntsb has been putting out details about the pilots' back ground, number of hours in the air. the ntsb chairman telling us, yesterday, that is just information the public should have. that they're the add voe scat v the public. they want as much infor maegs out there as possible. >> abc's tahman bradley reporting live from san francisco. thank you for that. >> the man at the helm of the ship concordia, capsized is on trial, the captain facing charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship during the shipwreck that claimed 32 lives. prosecutors claim he steered the ship too close to shore and rand into a jagged reef. the body of two victims never found. the ship's wreckage lies on its side at the scene. investigators looking into the fiery train disaster in canada are considering criminal
3:05 am
negligence as possible cause. trying to determine if the brakes were tampered with before the unmanned freight train broke loose, sped down a hill and burst into flames. two more victims burned beyond recognition. the death toll to 15. the search is on for 35 still missing. >> joining the people of prescott, arizona in saying good-bye to the 19 hot shots killed fighting the yarnell fire. the men were recalled as strong, brave, willing to give their all. at the end of the service, the lone survivor offered what's called the hot shots' prayer. >> for this day on the line i should answer death's call or bless my shot shot crew, my family, one and all. thank you. and i miss my brothers. >> vice president biden also spoke at the service repeating an old saying "all men are created equal and then a few
3:06 am
become fire fighters." awe all right, country singer randy travis still in critical condition this morning after being treat ford potentially life threatening heart condition. doctors in houston have inserted a mechanical pump to stablize his heart weak end by a viral infection. the publicist went on to talk, and travis sent a message to fans thanking them. >> troubled access amanda bynes in court, wearing an aqua wig, and sweat pants and tank top. a return to politic could be in sarah palin any future. she may run for the u.s. senate next year. palin will wait to see who else is running before sheaf makes up her mind. the candidate palin endorsed, joe miller said he will run again next year. today is elizabeth hasselbeck's final day on the view here on abc. she is moving to fox news
3:07 am
channel to co-host the morning show, "fox & friend." barbara walters wished hasselbeck well and says they have had ten wonderful years on the view. hasselbeck 36 joined the view after gaining fame as finalist on the reality show "survivor" she starts they're job in september and we wish her luck. >> big things in small packages. folks at the south florida car dealership know all about it. >> a customer brought her car in for the service calls. her pet boa got stuck in the side panel of her minicooper. a tight space. a mechanic removed the tail light, grabbed the snake by the head and pulled it out. >> the boa owner says she takes her snack everywhere normally keep it in a travel bag. somehow it got out. >> minicar. big snake. >> not a good combination. she was too shy to talk about what had happened to the cameras that were there. i will say shy equals embarrassed in this story.
3:08 am
>> interesting. it looks like one cool cat there, the mechanic, he is afraid of snakes according to him. he says he couldn't leave some one's pet to die. didn't look scared there. >> not at all. assuming he was the own one avaluable to do the job. right. >> i would have taken out the light assembly. now you can get your snake. i'll stand back here. >> all yours, lady. >> help yourself. >> no thank you. >> coming up. iffage in walking up on an operating table surrounded by doctors who thought you were dead. >> this is an incredible story. the burglary victim, called the teen suspect's mom. wait until you hear what happened next. you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ everyone's hair breaks.
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♪ mama tried to raise me better ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right when you were a teenager not as many things scary as when mom find out you are getting atrouble. >> that's what happened when a woman discovered the car had been broken into and the cell phone left behind. she used the phone and called
3:13 am
the label mom. and this is our favorite story of the day. our station in seattle tells us what happened next. >> reporter: eliza web getting ready to leave for work a few weeks ago when she noticed the inside of her car didn't look right. i thought my husband came looking for something and made a mess. >> reporter: she real i herd husband was not to blame. >> i looked at the driver's seat, saw a cell phone and looked closer and missing items. in the center console. my gym bag in the back seat. >> reporter: the phone belonged to a 19-year-old. >> i called his mom. >> reporter: web explained she wanted her sunglasses and oning shoes back. >> this is a very uncomfortable phone call to make i have your son's phone. and i am missing some things out of your car. i think they may be two relate i'd thames. and she was devastated. >> reporter: webb and her husband went to the teen's home. >> we want to the home.
3:14 am
he answered in a defeated look. he, he looked like he had been crying. >> there wasn't much more than this. >> reporter: webb learned she wasn't the only victim. she says the 19-year-old and his friend got drunk and broke into at least ten cars in this west seattle neighborhood. >> we asked if he would be interested in going door to door and seeing if we can't track down some of the, owners, and aapproximately jitz. >> one was really sheepish, didn't want to make eye can tact. the other liked at me. i looked down. can i help you? >> i said you are up. you have to figure out what to say. you have to apologize. >> funny what they said. some cars were broken into. and we were responsible. >> standing over there on my curb was a woman i had never seen. standing like this with her arms crossed. >> reporter: webb just wanted the teens to own up and understand the consequences. >> some times when you get shamed or told you did something wrong by somebody else, it can stick. >> shame is powerful. when i gotten trouble like doing
3:15 am
something, not going to share, something goofy, extra bad, i got the guilt trip. how could you? >> from mom. >> i felt awful. how about you? >> a stranger. when i was younger my mom would whip out the whip. >> corporal punishment. >> my mom was not afraid to use it as we said at my house. we were older, silent treatment, disappointed, guilt trip. that's worse. >> get cracked with the wooden spoon every now and then. >> over and done with. don't have to think about it. the guilt trip weighs on you forever. >> having a stranger do it even worse. >> of even worse. >> still to come, country singer, tackling a tough topic. >> the musician coming out in a song. how fans are reacting? >> close encounter with an alligator. what led to a florida teen's injuries. we'll show you them. you are wat
3:16 am
3:17 am
>> that was steve grand, you may not have heard of him. you probably will. >> a singer without a label. that hasn't stopped his phenomenal success on youtube. because of his unusual song. a country song about a guy's crush on a guy. here is abc's chris conley. ♪ sitting there drinking my whiskey ♪ >> reporter: a country tied power ballad that flips the sexual orientation flip. the $27 video that skyrocketed to more than 500,000 hits. ♪ the great american boy and i >> reporter: all american boy from all but unknown songwriter steve graham breaking new ground from breaking away from boy
3:18 am
meets girl romance. all american boy tells the tale of a same sex campfire crush that lead to a go jump in the lake swim and kiss and rebuff and country yearning. >> i wrote it from the most purest, genuine place in my some. it's not about being gay. it is about that longing for someone. >> reporter: when they first learned he was gay his parents sent him to straight therapy, grant says. >> i felt like i really -- was ashamed to my parents. and i felt like there was no way i could ever make them proud. i felt look i was a constant disappointment. >> reporter: he had been into music since boyhood. to pay the bills he did odd jobs including modeling and bet everything he had on "all american boy. ". >> i went into credit card debt. funded the song myself. i was so obsessed with telling this story. and it is resonated with thousand of people. >> reporter: heap posted it online, june 2nd. it went viral almost
3:19 am
immediately. now those who are praising this all american boy include steve's parents. >> i'm so moved by my mom. he said, you are touching so many people. and i love you so much. and i am proud of you. >> reporter: chris conley, abc news, new york. >> all right. >> so it's basically a story about a song, about unrequited love. it transcend sexuality. people can understand and relate, gay or not. he says a story that happened to him. 13 years old. he was in camp. there was a camp direct oor whoe fell in love with. the man was warm and was strong for him. but not in a sixable way. he went home and was heartbroken. e send sthael th essentially the story. >> he has a hit. >> he has a hit. >> love when that happens. >> all right. guys we're coming back. es bette, try these crest pro-health products together.
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help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> "the mix," this one is hard to believe. your weorst nightmare come to life. >> so sad. >> end well. patient wakes up as doctors are getting ready to remove her organs. she is on a surgery table. going to take her organs out and harvest them. she is not dead. this is true. hatch penned caroline burns, woke up at midnight. looked at operating lights. the doctors shocked to see she is alive.
3:23 am
syracuse post standard, the report from u.s. department of health, in 2009. doctors diagnosed her with irreversible brain damage she overdosed. wa wound up on life support. the family decided to take her off life support. donate her organs. the next day at the last minute. as they had knives in hand. >> they had cut her open. taking organs out. >> about to. ready to. she opened her eyes. >> oh, no. >> true story. >> terrible. here is another scary story not as terrible athat one. talk about a rude awakening. a youtube video called "the ring style wake up prank." take a look at this for a little while. then we will explain. there it comes. >> oh. so have you seen the ring, i have not. that no matter what it is ghost
3:24 am
television. her boyfriend did this, a prank. he used papier-mache. paper. all this stuff off to make the fake ghost. he is making the is notes. controlling the ghost a sleep has no idea. wakes up. freaks out, of course. >> multiple camera shoot. >> he runs in she is running out of the house to save the day. they hug it out. >> hope your man doesn't do practical jokes. >> he does not. they stayed together. crazy. crazy loves crazy. >> captain crunch making the news a lot. captain crunch, crunchberries, you know that one. last month, u.s. district court dismiss aid come planet filed by a woman, had been buying crunch berries, assuming the crunch berries were real berries. not so much. they're not real berries. fruit loops are not made of
3:25 am
fruit. >> you can't buy crunch berries next to the grapes. >> city officials, announced an amusement tax to strip clubs. 5%. >> to get a lap dance? >> now you got
3:26 am
3:27 am
this morning on "world news now" -- airline anxiety. we are learning astonishing new details about what happened inside the jumbo jet that crash landed in san francisco. what worked and what didn't in those crucial moments. >> face to face -- the boston bombing suspect goes to court today with heavy security. why some relatives of the victims killed cannot wait to look that suspect in the eye. >> alligator attack -- the orlando area teenager counting his blessings this morning. his head injuries and what he
3:28 am
saw and felt after taking an unbelievable plunge. >> concerts canceled. elton john's sudden health scare, trip to the hospital and his outlk after his recovery that's in "the skinny" on this wednesday, july 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. all right. wednesday is here. we're happy about that. >> yes we are. hump day. >> hump day. we will get started. right to the news. we begin with new details in the san francisco crash investigation. >> pilots of asiana flight 214 apparently realized too late the jumbo jet was flying at the wrong speed and altitude. abc's tahman bradley live in san francisco with the very latest. good morning, tahman. >> john, diana, good morning. the wreckage from the crash landing is still on one of the runway s here at san francisco international as the ntsb continues its investigation. we are learning remarkable new details from inside the cockpit and inside the cabin. we learned the pilot in training who was in control of the 777
3:29 am
jet as it approached the ru way was learning from a pilot making his first trip as an instructor. the ntsb revealed that none of the cockpit crew have been tested for drugs or alcohol. >> our foreign carriers there is no specific u.s. requirement. >> reporter: ntsb is especially interested in hearing from the man who was at the controls. just over a minute before the crash, control of the plane was switched from auto pilot to manual. that's fairly normal. but unclear if the computers that controlled the engines were left on automatic. >> we noticed it seemed low. the engine kicked into high gear. we're like, that sounds like a panic response there. within two seconds it hit. >> reporter: could the lack of throttle be what caused the jet to slow and trigger the stall warning? did the crew act properlien the final minutes before the crash? >> one of the very critical thing that need to be monitored on approach to landing is speed. >> reporter: more survivors being released from the hospital. this woman wearing a neck brace,
3:30 am
mirroring the injuries of so many others. consistent with catastrophic movement, side to side as the passengers got thrown around their seat during the crash landing. the ceo of asiana airlines arrived in san francisco to a rough media reception overwhelmed by reporters and cameras he retreated into the terminal. the ntsb is not ready to give us a conclusion as to what caused the crash. they say it could take months to figure that out. diana. john. >> seems the airline is admitting there was no mechanical failure does that mean the ntsb is closer to saying this crash was caused by human error? >> no, not at all. the ntsb is warning us to be careful how we characterize what we know and the information we have so far. it is still very early in the investigation. there is a lot of work still left to be done. >> all right, abc's tahman bradley in san francisco. thank you for that. >> some of the people whose lives were forever changed by the boston marathon bombings will be in the same room as the
3:31 am
the teenager acueacued -- accusn that attack. dzhokhar tsarnaev facing a 30-count indictment in court today. jorge caroga has the latest from boston. >> reporter: accused terrorist, dzhokhar tsarnaev, his face familiar with the security video minutes before the marathon bombings making his first public appearance in federal court. the boston mayor tom menino, not a day too soon. >> i think this individual should be, book should be thrown at him. you know we will continue working with the survivors. but this individual, they have all the records and all the evidence to convict this individual. >> reporter: held in a federal prison hospital in devons since he was caught in a boat in watertown. his elder brother tamerlan was killed during a shootout with police earlier that night. many victims are expected at dzhokhar's arraignment. mbta police officer, richard donahue, critically wounded during the cross fire is among those opting not to go.
3:32 am
>> it may be a healing experience for some to see the person that did this to them. and then hopefully the process is, is swift. and just. and -- everybody can move on from then and all heal. >> reporter: the charges against the surviving suspect include using weapons of mass destruction, killing three and injuring 260, and the murder of mit police officer sean collier. his arraignment, a step in the city's healing. >> we have a strong city, we are stronger today than the marathon bombing. >> reporter: the former u mass dartmouth college student faces life in prison or death penalty on 17 of the 30 charges against for abc news, jorgequiroga, boston. tensions boiled over at the george zimmerman trial which wrapped up after 13 hours of testimony and arguments. close to 10:00 last night the judge finally just called it a day. the defense attorney kept right on arguing. that's when the judge walked out. experts say it appears that
3:33 am
jurors have had enough. >> i think they just want to get this over with and go home for the weekend. >> after the marathon day they'll be back in the courtroom at 8:00 this morning. the defense expected to rest its case followed by closing arguments. >> texas one step closer to enacting strict limits on abortion. the texas house takes a final vote on the issue later today. the measure will go to the senate where the republican majority is expected to approve the bill. the last attempt to get the bill through the senate was derailed because of a filibuster by democratic senator wendy davis. >> abortion is the only medical procedure where the result or expected outcome is the taking of a life. >> this bill is about bullying women and taking away their rights. and helping somebody get through a republican primary and raising money on the backs of women. >> the bill would allow abortions in surgical centers, dictate when abortion pills are taken and ban abortions after 20 weeks.
3:34 am
>> a burglary team in atlanta managed to pull off a heist by using a method that hardly ever works. that's using a van, stolen of course, to smash into a market and steal the atm. this time they managed to loosen it in three minutes and out the door. the secret to their success apparently they left the stolen van behind and took off in a different vehicle. >> wow. all right, more caribbean countries being braced for heavy flooding and landslides as tropical storm chantal closes in. the storm is about 200 miles south of puerto rico, kicking up 60 mile an hour wind and could turn into a hurricane before the dominican republic and haiti. chantal expected to reach the bahamas by tomorrow. a look at the rest of the forecast, two areas that will see wet weather. the entire east coast stretching as far west as oklahoma into the southwest. stretching as far north as montana. you can expect thunderstorms, heavy rain and flooding in some spots along with humid conditions. >> those conditions, with those conditions expect stifling temperatures.
3:35 am
mostly high 80s and 90s. triple digits. phoenix and dallas. >> temperatures have been fairly cool in finland. definitely a plus for this particular competition. >> talking about wife carrying of course. 20-year tradition. 40 pairs of competitors show off their individual methods. the most popular called the estonian, wrapping a woman's legs around thman's head and hanging upside down behind them. >> the winners a finnish couple, with last names we can't pronounce. we won't try. the world championship. >> clearly the estonian. seems to be the way to go. >> notice they are wearing helmets. that's the smart way to go. >> has ducis done the estonian. not quite like that. >> wow, look at them go. oh, how does she? that was a face plant. >> wrestling move. the lock, what do they call that, leg lock? >> she doesn't look very help. >> yeah, right. >> man gets all the glory. she is bouncing around.
3:36 am
>> no wonder it hasn't reached the u.s. yet. >> you are right. don't think that will a craze. >> one of the co-hosts of the view calling it quits today. >> expensive brand of makeup, compared to the cheaper stuff you find in discount stores. compared to the cheaper stuff you find in discount stores. if you like to look your best er [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up and see what's cookin'. oh i like that. look at this it's got a handle on it. i don't have to climb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did you notice how clean it looks?
3:37 am
morty are you listening? morty? [ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know and can cost thousands of dollars to repair... thankfully, the powerful dual action formula of rid-x has enzymes to break down waste and time released bacteria to reduce tank build up. d-tic maintenance.
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3:40 am
>> teenage boy survived a wicked attack by an alligator in florida. and this morning he is sharing his ordeal. >> witnesses saw the gator, the teen's head in his jaws. the teen fought back. our station in orlando has the story. >> reporter: gator trapper george walworth came out to the spot where he caught the gator. believed to have bitten a teen on the head. this is a picture of the gator that he told us he caught coming in at 12 feet. it is much bigger than the estimated size andrew hudson recalled after the gator clamped down and made these injuries. >> there is 19 stitches here going this way. there is a row of seven staples here. and then, five staples this way. >> reporter: including stitches
3:41 am
on the 17-year-old's back. florida official wildlife can't be certain this is the gator hudson had to fight off after being swimming in the river at the state forest. >> he came up, clamped. took me under. i felt him, the soft part of his belly you know. i started swinging. he let go. >> reporter: the trapper believes the reptile he call the is likely the culprit after it was easily baited, had little fear, and was found near the spot where hudson says it always likes to hang out in. >> i have seen that one. yeah, a couple of weeks ago, i was there. usually the same area where it happened. >> pretty amazin >> let me get this right. >> you heard. i had the same question -- >> he has been there before. >> he sees him all the time. >> hanging out same body of water. decided to jump in for a swim. >> yeah. >> okay. well -- >> i'm telling you what, in florida. >> hey, check you out. >> i like to do that too. when i know there is a body of
3:42 am
water where there are alligators and crocodiles. >> you swim with the alligators? >> yes. can't you tell? >> you wrestle them. >> an alligator wrestler. i moonlight. >> you walk up, get your ball carefully. but, you know. they don't tend to go after big people. they go after little dogs and things. >> they're not gatherers or hunters. they're lurkers. they don't do anything. they wait for the food to come to them. grab it. bring it down. drown it. he is lucky. >> note to self -- don't swim in the stream with that gator that. hangs around right over there. >> i wonder if that's where he got in. >> maybe tried crossing the river, jumping the backs. remember that one from -- james bond. >> he was getting his ball on the other side. >> not good. >> okay. coming up. some serious story, actually, about celebrities -- elton john, mariah carey have something in common this morning. nothing to do with singing and a whole lot to do with hospitals. >> one of the ladies on "the view" saying good-bye. it's going to happen today on the show. tell you next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world n
3:43 am
3:44 am
♪ skinny so
3:45 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> welcome to "the skinny," everybody. almost said welcome to "the view" wouldn't that be something. >> "the view" on your mind the -- you're going to throw your hat into the ring. >> always looking for a guy. >> we'll both throw our hats in. they're in. >> the hours are better. >> yes, the reason, elizabeth hasselbeck after ten years of being on the show today is her last day just like that. abc, our parent company, disney as you know, says that, she is going to fox news channel. fox news channel has confirmed this. she is going to be on the morning show "fox & friends." everybody is wishing her well. they -- she is saying, in a tweet, big congratulations to gretchen carlson on her new show. she is a trusted voice in news. and i look forward to being at fnc with her. so she is confirming it herself. they, over, hasselbeck also said, i had been a long time fan
3:46 am
of fox and friends, exciting to join their team an honor to call fox news channel my new television home. >> everybody coming out saying the same thing. and "the view" we thank elizabeth and wish her luck, a new chapter in her career. >> at fox, she has a warm, engaging personality on "the view" and proven to be an excellent conversationalist. they're certain. >> interesting. you think she will be reading news over there -- >> no, sitting on the set. >> table discussions about the new. >> sitting on the sofa. talking to everybody else there. she will just kind of be one of the hosts that. kind of engages in the political situations or whatever they're talking about. discussion of the day. >> wish her luck. >> absolutely wish her luck. we have three empty seats by next year. joy is leaving. barbara walters has, announced her retirement. now elizabeth is gone. >> telling you what. right here. >> one, two. one, two. >> some young blood. >> there you go. sign us up. >> come on.
3:47 am
get some sleep. not that we don't love "world news now." >> we'll take all you guys with us. >> love that stuff. long as we are fantasizing, why not? elton john has appendicitis. yeah, he is on a tour. yeah, suffering from appendicitis. does require surgery according to a spokesman. talked to abc news. the award winning singer has canceled all upcoming shows and headlining concert friday at london music festival. quote is, elton is disappointed to postpone these dates. he made super human efforts to continue to perform through his illness. it confirms his dedication to his european fans. made efforts to perform through his illness. he is 66. fell ill touring after scans they found it was an appendix issue. take antibiotics and undergo surgery in the next few weeks. hopefully be back on tour. >> we wish him well. >> yes, we do. >> we told you yesterday about mariah carey, rushed to the hospital. she was on the shoot of the remix of her video "beautiful" and she fell. dislocated her shoulder. had to be rushed to the hospital. getting a little more information. her rep said it wasn't a big deal.
3:48 am
there is a picture, her at the hospital. >> looks like a big deal. a. >> her husband, nick cannon, saying they were a bit more serious. tweeted this picture with her arm in a sling. and nick is saying -- it was pretty serious. not only did she dislocate her shoulder, cracked a rib and chipped her shoulder bone. she tweeted out this picture saying dislocated my shoulder on the remix video, sporting a fashionable sling for the next couple weeks. such a dedicated performer. apparently on the emergency ride from wherever they were filming the shoot to the hospital. she told nick, get back over there and finish this music video. because he is the director/producer of the deal. there you have it. she wants it done. wants it done now. sick and under the weather in the hospital with a sling. >> jennifer lopez, talking to the "w" magazine. going to the bronx for a photo
3:49 am
shoot, a place she hasn't been in a long time. brings back a lot of tough memories about her mom and dad separating after 33 years of marriage. then the last time back at her old home. reminisced moving out at 18. being homeless, sleeping on the couch, she had a falling out with her mom about dropping out of college. then it all started happening for her. her and her mom get along great now. interesting article. >> going back to her roots. she has come a long way. >> she sure has the. sure has the.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
. ♪ why waste a second >> lady, listen up. if you are ♪ why waste a second >> lady, listen up. if you are used to spending gobs of money at department stores for makeup and wondered like all of us have whether you can get away with spending less at a drugstore. we have got answers. >> yeah, we do, abc's becky worley does a face test so you don't have to. >> reporter: designer cosmetics cost a fortune.
3:53 am
when i came across beauty blogs that said they found way cheaper drugstore alternatives. you know i had to try them for myself. we start with a complexion enhancer this from benefit cost $26. but this one, i found it at target for $12. >> lift up your cheekbone a little bit. >> all right. let me look. >> i cannot tell a difference. now a blush from nars. the exact name of the shade. i don't think i can say that on national tv. and it cost $29. while the knock-off is called milani cost $7. >> cannot go wrong with the nars. gorgeous. beautiful color. okay. now going to try the milani. i have to add a lot more. >> $29 for a blush. versus $7. i don't see that big of a difference. finally, mac cream de nude. $15. >> beautiful.
3:54 am
looks like crème brule. >> the other made by elf $2. >> for me this one is a win for mac. the elf seems a little chalky in the creases of my lips. >> reporter: sadly the knock-off loses for me here. one note. we are not testing how the makeup wears. whether it lasts all day long. this is a looks only comparison. but the makeup on this side of my face cost $33. and on this side, over $90. you decide for yourself. glamming it up on the cheek, becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> good idea. >> a lot of cosmetics get you. it will last forever. if you put it on and wash your face it will stay on. you will look just as glamorous as ever. you know the stuff you get at target, wal-mart, and they don't really say that. >> oh, my god, what is that? is that boy george?
3:55 am
wow. you guys, have outdone yourselves. >> i can't even -- >> boy george. >> that's what he looks like when he comes on the set. by the way. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. yw97í7
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3:57 am
making news in america this morning, a long day ends with a tense exchange. why the judge in the george zimmerman trial walked out of the courtroom. miraculous survival. new details this morning in san francisco, on the plane crash. and how two flight attendants were thrown from the plane. and alligator attack. a teen finds himself in the jaws of the beast. >> there's stitches here. >> showing off his injuries and telling how he fought off the
3:58 am
gator. plus, cable for canines. the new channel being unleashed for man's best friend. good wednesday morning, everyone. today, a critical day in the george zimmerman trial, as the defense wraps this case up before the jury. >> tensions ran high in the courtroom late into the night, ending only when the judge walked out. abc's preeti arla has more on the angry words exchanged. >> reporter: a tense day in the courtroom, during the george zimmerman trial. a day that lasted well into the night and had plenty of fireworks. >> were you -- it's 10:00 at night. we started this morning. we've had full days every day. >> reporter: the hearing held without the jury present lasted so long, the lights went out at one point. the day ending with the judge walking out of the courtroom after 13 hours. defense attorney don west
3:59 am
shouted, saying the state could tell evidence. >> i would offer him the opportunity to apologize to me. >> reporter: another combative exchange between west and the judge over the admissibility of text messages trayvon martin sent friends, talking about fighting. the state says they have nothing to do with the case. the defense called it compelling evidence, as they try to prove zimmerman shot trayvon martin in self-defense. the defense wants to use an animation of the night trayvon martin died. it was created using zimmerman's account of what happened as long as witness statements. >> they use it for the movies. this is a murder trial. >> reporter: one legal analyst says the trial seems ready to wrap up. >> they want to be out of here. >> reporter: zimmerman's defense team says they plan on resting their case at some point today. preeti arla, abc news, washington. also this morning, we're learning new details about what the pilots of asiana flight 214 realized a few seconds bef


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